Equipment Rental Rates

Quality Equipment Without The Ownership

Don't require a full-time Pressure Washer, Then check out our rentals!

We have a selection of industrial-strength hot and cold water pressure washers available for rental. Rent by the half day, full day, weekly or longer rates can be negotiated. If you have a short term cleaning job, give us a call. We will provide training on how to use the equipment before you leave.

Equipment Rental Rates

Cold Water Washers

< 2500 PSI

$50 Daily

> 2500 PSI

$75 Daily

Hot Water Washers

< 1500 PSI

$125 Daily

> 1500 PSI

$165 Daily

Rental includes 100 ft pressure hose and full fuel tanks


Extra Hose 100 ft.

$10 Daily

Extension Wand

$15 Daily


$7.50 Daily

Turbo Nozzle

$7.5 Daily

Floor Scrubber

$45 Daily

Skid w/335 gal

$55 Daily


$45 Daily

Electrostatic Cart Sprayer

$55 Daily


$200 Daily

Trailer (2in hitch)

$200 Daily

Terms & Conditions: does not include pick up and delivery. A clean-up charge may be added. Fuel charges will be applied if equipment is returned with less than full fuel tanks. A 10% discount will be applied when you rent for more than 3 days.
Call 763-786-5525 to reserve your equipment rental.