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Skids and Trailer-mounted pressure washer systems provide everything you need for mobile cleaning just about anywhere. Hotsy Minnesota provides you with expert advice and a full range of options to configure your skid or trailer-mounted cleaning system. Mobile cleaning packages typically include a hot or cold pressure washer of your choice mounted on a trailer or skid, as well as a water storage tank. We also offer a suite of optional accessories such as hose reels, lights and tool boxes to help make your mobile cleaning unit as efficient as possible.

Standard equipment packages are available as well as a variety of custom installations to meet your individual needs. We can provide a trailer for you in the package or build on your own equipment. We have installed systems in enclosed trailers, flatbeds, box trucks, vans, jeeps, pickup truck beds and assortment of utility vehicles. Just let us know what your ideas and needs are and we can help!

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