Should You Steam It or Blast It Clean?

Steam Cleaners and Pressure Washers Generate Clean in Different Ways

You need clean, but sometimes identifying the right tool for the job can be puzzling. Steam cleaners and pressure washers are technically built for the same purpose (to clean surfaces), but there are key differences in how they work, when you should use them, and the benefits of both.

The Key Differences and Why You Should Care:

Function: Gentle Vapor vs. Blasting Power

The way steam cleaners and pressure washers function is the biggest difference between the two. Steam cleaners use powerful, but gentle vapor or steam, created from an internal heat source, to get surfaces clean. Pressure washers force a volume of water through jets to produce tough dirt-fighting power.

Water: A Little vs. A Lot

Steam cleaners don’t use much water at all, less than a gallon in some cases. They create vapor at high temperatures to clean and disinfect surfaces. Steamers eliminate waste water and the need to use detergents, making them an environmentally-friendly option. Pressure washers typically use large quantities of water and may require detergents to blast away stubborn dirt, grease, and grime.

Surfaces: Delicate vs. Heavy Duty

When a gentle touch is needed to eliminate dirt, stains, or grease, steam cleaners are the best option. They’re typically used for delicate surfaces, like automobiles, glass, grout, and engines. Pressure washers are best for removing caked-on dirt, oil, and grime on bigger pieces of equipment and in larger areas covering more square footage.

Hygiene: Natural vs. Chemical

Steam cleaning systems produce clean surfaces by sanitizing and deodorizing at high temperatures. Steam cleaners also eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, making them a smart choice for the health of operators and ideal for the safe removal of bacteria, yeast, molds, fungus, and other forms of bio-contamination. Pressure washers may require the use of cleaning chemicals or detergents.

Safety: Always First  

Many steam cleaning systems produce powerful vapor within 10 minutes and automatically turn on and off to maintain operating pressure; they’re portable and allow for multiple users and multiple attachments to make for quick work of filth. Steam also reduces slippery surfaces and keeps the operator’s feet dry. Pressure washers typically weigh more and are not always portable. Our pressure washers are TL-Certified to rigid UL-1776 safety standards.

Both steam cleaners and power washers have their best uses and are two of the best complementary cleaning solutions in your arsenal. Ready to add STEAM? Hotsy Minnesota has the knowledge, training, and a full line of steamers to help you get the job done right. So, don’t leave it to chance - leave it to the expertsTrust us. We know clean.