2018: A New Year’s Look at New Technologies in Clean

Looking Back and Looking Ahead at the Latest Cleaning Innovations

As we start looking to the new year ahead, it’s important to keep in mind all the new changes and advances both in the past few months and expected to impact the world of clean in the months ahead. There has been a great deal of advancement over the past year in the way we approach cleaning, so here at Hotsy Minnesota, we wanted to recap some of the latest innovations, the newest technologies and what to look for on the horizon.

Steam Power

While “steam” might make you think of old steamboats or trains from the 1800s, but in actuality it’s got a lot of power in the modern realm of cleaning. Steam cleaning with a hot-water pressure washer allows you to more thoroughly disinfect surfaces, which is key in food service applications and a range of other jobs as well. Steam is also highly effective at lifting dirt and grease from surfaces, and can even provide cost savings by reducing the need for some chemical or disinfectant treatments.

Vital Oxide and Food Safety

Another new game changer in cleaning is Vital Oxide. Last year, new rules that went into effect as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act, specifically the Sanitary Transportation Rule that outlined a number of regulations for cleaning, sanitizing and maintaining the cleanliness of any vehicles used to carry food products. Vital Oxide has been an ideal solution, thanks in part to its hospital-grade sanitation capabilities. Using the cleaner quickly kills 99.999 percent of bacteria, including potent germs and microorganisms like Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus, Listeria Monocytogenes and others. Vital Oxide is also odorless, usable on most surfaces and can be used as a spray or foam, as well. Learn more in this demonstration video or call Hotsy Minnesota today to learn more.


A particularly beneficial trend in agricultural markets, enzyme cleaners have become much more available and prominent. Using an enzyme cleaner may seem counterintuitive in some uses – why would you spray bacterial cleaning solutions as part of a cleaning regimen? The answer is because enzymatic cleaners can actually work in tandem with a pressure washing routine to lift not just grime, dirt and animal waste, but also eliminate odors and harmful bacteria. Without getting too deep into the science, enzymes bind with specific molecules, like those found in odor-causing materials, working to bind and create an odorless byproduct that can be washed away. Best of all, most enzyme cleaners can be sprayed on with a pressure washer, then rinsed away with the same washer, allowing you to use your existing Hotsy equipment for the most thorough clean.

Water Regulation and Recovery

With greater efficiency and a focus on greener technologies and approaches at the front of many businesses’ agendas, many advancements have been made in not only water regulation, but also wastewater treatment and recovery. Modern systems are optimized to create closed circuit systems, particularly in wash bays and other enclosed spaces, and allow for the filtration of dirty water or backwash, purification using oil-water separation methods or ozone treatment, and recirculation to reduce the overall use of water supplies. This helps businesses to be not only more efficient and environmentally conscious, but also compliant with requirements set forth by local, state and federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency regarding water use and wastewater disposal. <<Optional: Hotsy Minnesota has Water Maze – can include teaser here for them/other brands>>

Cleaning on Every Job

While we all may be guilty of being a bit lax with our at-home cleaning routine – at least according to Kärcher research – our on-the-job commitment and attention to cleaning never wavers. At Hotsy Minnesota, we’re experts in clean and whether its tried-and-true Hotsy pressure washers, maintenance on your existing equipment, or new detergents you need, or want to learn about the latest technologies and innovations, we’ve got you covered. Trust us – We Know Clean. Learn more or get the help you need by calling us today at 763-786-5525.