Wash bays offer efficiency, safety and security

Wash bays offer efficiency, safety and security

Keeping vehicles or equipment clean is a vital part of many businesses. Cleaning your fleet vehicles helps to wash away dirt, grime and grease which can tarnish the look of your fleet and lead to increased corrosion and rust while taking away from your good look – literally. It also can improve mileage and reduce breakdowns by blasting away dirt that can get into sensitive areas or build up around fittings or connections for hoses or add-on equipment. If you’re regularly washing vehicles, the best way to do it is with a dedicated wash bay.

Advantages of a Wash Bay

Building a new wash bay or dedicating existing space at your facility for washing vehicles and equipment offers a number of benefits for businesses. To start, having your own wash space allows you to furnish it with equipment that is best suited for your jobs. For instance, rather than having to drag out a bunch of mobile equipment and wash outside, purchasing a stationary machine for a wash bay allows you to run more efficiently, meaning you can use less time and materials while cleaning more efficiently with high-powered equipment from Hotsy Minnesota.

You also have the benefit of an enclosed space where you can connect to existing natural gas or propane sources for heating and operation, saving you on fuel costs versus diesel- or gasoline-powered alternatives. Plus, with hard-wired and permanent equipment, you can secure your washing gear under lock and key and benefit from features like wired or wireless remote control to turn on and off your pressure washer when you need it.

Another advantage of having an enclosed wash bay is that you also have control of the environment, which allows you to not worry about outside influences like rain or snow, as well as wind-blown dirt, leaves or grime. Your bay can also make more efficient use of water, allowing you to recycle water in some instances or have dedicated drainage for treatment before draining to a sewer. A wash bay can also be designed to eliminate backflow – often required by municipalities around the country – meaning you won’t need to worry about rain water overflow affecting your dedicated drainage or closed-loop system.


Designed for Efficient Washing

Having your own wash bay means that you can take control of your processes and make them as efficient and well suited to your operation as possible. That means whether you want a single bay design, a larger facility that can wash multiple vehicles or heavy equipment pieces simultaneously or something else, you can make it happen. It also means that you can better control maintenance and wear on your equipment, which is especially true of hoses.

Hoses are the most vital part of a wash operation – after all, without water or detergent, you can’t wash. However, hoses also suffer the most wear with washing as lines wear from being dragged or left on the ground and stepped on or rolled over. With a wash bay, you can take better control of hose management and not only protect your hoses, but have them available where you need them.

The most common methods of hose management in a wash bay are reels, trolleys and booms. Let’s take a closer look at each and discuss the advantages.

Reel Systems

Reel systems provide a central storage and unwinding access point where hoses can be retrieved. Manual reels are crank operated and simple – just unroll the hose when you need it, and crank it back onto the reel when you’re finished. Retractable reels offer more convenience, and can be spring loaded – most common – or air or electric powered. In each instance, you remove the need to crank the hose back up and can simply roll back the hose with a tug or a push of a button.

Hose Trolley

A hose trolley system uses hoses that are instead tethered to connected guide lines that run the length of your wash bay. This leaves the hoses high and off the ground, eliminating tripping hazards and the risk of wear from dragging or running over a hose. This also can be more convenient for the wash operator – hoses are located readily accessible on either side to grab, spray and wash with ease, while the trolley setup allows the hose to easily glide along as washing proceeds from front to rear.

Wash Boom

Finally, a wash bay with a boom system provides access to hoses from well above the vehicle or equipment being washed. Available as either a wall-mounted arm, offering 180 degrees of control, or a ceiling-mounted boom that offers a full range of access and motion, a wash boom provides one overhead source that follows the operator around as they wash. This allows easy access and motion and dramatically improves the lifespan for hoses and wash guns.

Safe and Secure

In addition to offering added capabilities and efficiency, a wash bay also improves safety and security while washing and maintaining equipment. By working in an enclosed and dedicated wash space, operators are out of the way of site or business traffic and other work activities, keeping them out of the way of regular workflows. Using hose control systems also reduces tripping hazards, while a coated wash bay floor can be designed to offer traction in wet conditions, while also efficiently draining wash water and detergents. Plus, with lighting mounted where it’s needed, your team can ensure a complete and thorough wash in any conditions and at any time – day or night.

A dedicated wash bay can also be well secured to prevent theft or accidental damage. Enclosing the bay with a secured door limits the ability of anyone else to enter, while keeping wash equipment dedicated in a separate space in the wash bay keeps your machines more protected and minimizes access only to authorized employees or keyholders. It also provides a second level of security for your most valuable and expensive equipment, as well as storage space for excess detergents and accessories. See this interactive wash bay system design from Hotsy for an example of an efficiently designed wash bay.

Create a Custom Wash Bay with Hotsy Equipment from Minnesota

Whether you’re just planning a new wash bay or want to renovate your existing setup, the professionals at Hotsy Minnesota can help you create the most efficient setup. From helping you select the equipment best suited to your wash needs, to setup and regular maintenance, on through replenishing detergents and supplies, our team will make cleaning faster and simpler for your business. We know clean – let us show you what we know. Schedule a consultation or speak with one of our representatives by giving us a call today at 763-786-5525.