No Clogging Around: Biodiesel Gunks Up Power Washers

No Clogging Around: Biodiesel Gunks Up Power Washers 

Biodiesel is an environmentally-friendly, renewal fuel source used in a variety of diesel engines. But, it’s not friendly to pressure washers. While you think you’re doing something to help the planet, you’re actually damaging your equipment and causing more harm – to the environment and your bottom line.

Made from plant-based oils or animal fats, biodiesel is becoming more readily available throughout the country in a variety of blends. It’s typically made by chemically reacting lipids with an alcohol, producing fatty-acid esters. It’s meant to be used in standard diesel engines alone or blended with petro diesel in any proportion. It can also be used as a great cleaning solvent for standard diesel engines, but using it in a pressure washer has its consequences. Here’s a list of the challenges biodiesel poses to your cleaning investment. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use Biodiesel in Pressure Washers 

  • Biodiesel lacks the same lubricative qualities of petro diesel and does not burn completely, causing parts to stick and allowing soot buildup on burner coils.
  • It cleans dirt from your engine, but clogs the fuel filter, leading to unnecessary replacement costs.
  • Clogging caused by the unburned deposits from the fats within biodiesel reduces airflow, efficiency, and overall equipment life.
  • Maintenance and part replacement costs increase. Repetitive use requires synthetic fuel lines and more expensive fuel pumps.
  • Burning biodiesel in a pressure washer actually throws off more carbon dioxide, countering the intended environmental benefits.
  • It’s not suitable for colder temperatures. Starting your pressure washer with biodiesel in the cold can be an additional challenge on chilly days.
  • Continued use of a pressure washer clogged with soot or blocked components could result in a fire, making it a dangerous alternative.

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