Wash Bay Systems – Efficient, Customized Cleaning Systems

The appearance of your fleet equipment and vehicles says a lot about your company. Clean, well-maintained vehicles speak volumes about pride of ownership, quality and company image. If they are out on the road, your vehicles and their graphics present a moving billboard to potential customers.

Just as you expect employees to present themselves in a professional manner, you should demand the same from your vehicles. A wash bay can make a huge impact by providing an efficient means to clean your fleet.

A wash bay can be built indoors or outside, where trucks or vehicles have ready access. A pressure washer is positioned away from the wash zone or in a nearby equipment room, with a series of hoses delivering the wash water. We can install remote controls, hose reels, booms and wand holders as needed to customize a wash bay to meet your specific needs.

Hotsy of Minnesota has a knowledgeable staff to provide consulting and design solutions for custom wash systems or truck washing stations. We will spec out your custom project, assist with site analysis, permits, site designs, equipment orvdering and installation. Plus, we’ll train you and your staff how to use the equipment.

You won’t find a better turnkey solution anywhere! Give us a call to schedule a free consultation to review your site for a truck wash. Call 763-786-5525 or stop by our store in Blaine. We cover the entire state of MN from Grand Rapids to Bloomington, so give us a call.