Your source for Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories

Hotsy of Minnesota stocks a large supply of pressure washer replacement parts. You’ll find we are competitively priced and very knowledgeable. Whether you’re maintaining or repairing your pressure washer on your own, or if you want our help, we have a huge selection of parts on hand including the following:

High Pressure Nozzles - we stock the standard color coded quick connect nozzles, adjustable nozzles, high-low nozzles, and sewer nozzles.

Replacement pumps and pump kits - we handle all major brands of pumps which can be rebuilt for long life. We carry the pump repair kits to get the job done, to include oil seal kits, packing kits, ceramic plungers and pistons. Give us a call and we can help you find the right seal or part.

High Pressure Hoses - we stock the standard 50 or 100 ft lengths or we can custom cut one to meet your needs. Our industrial hoses are the most rugged hoses available and can be used for hot and cold water pressure washers.

Accessories for your pressure washer can be huge time savers, allowing your staff to produce cleaning results much more efficiently in less time. Here are our most popular:

Undercarriage cleaners - ideal for cleaning under delivery trucks to remove dirt, mud, salt, snow or chemicals.

Flat surface cleaner - similar to pushing a lawn mower, this accessory attaches to your pressure washer to “mow” dirt with a spinning series of nozzles. Ideal for sidewalks, garages and other flat surfaces.

Hose Reels - high pressure hoses are actually very intricate in design with single and double wire braids which can easily become damaged if run over by a truck. We recommend adhering a hose reel to your washer or on a wall, which keeps the hose up off the ground when not in use.

Turbo Nozzles - for really tough applications consider using a turbo nozzle. A turbo nozzle provides you with the cleaning power and impact of a zero degree nozzle and the larger spray pattern of a wide coverage fan nozzle.

To learn more about these and other pressure washer parts and accessories, please contact Hotsy of Minnesota in Blaine, near Minneapolis. We’d be happy to quote a price over the phone. Call us at 763-786-5525.