We are Hotsy of Minnesota

Since 1976, Hotsy of Minnesota has provided the most knowledgeable staff, highest quality equipment available, largest supply of parts, and the sincerest desire to keep your equipment running the same 10 years from now as the day you bought it!

We offer over 100 models of hot and cold water pressure washers, and are proud to offer the Hotsy brand. We also handle a complete line of detergents and accessories to match each unit and the individual cleaning needs.

Customized Applications and Designs
If you have a specific cleaning need in mind, we can design a system for you. Our most popular customized cleaning solution is a wash bay system suitable for cleaning heavy equipment. It includes a washing area with a hose system that delivers the high-pressure water from a power washer remotely located. A wash bay allows for multiple users, which speeds your cleaning.

Cleaning Contractor Consulting and Training
We have experience and knowledge that can benefit even the most experienced contract cleaner. We can customize a complete mobile cleaning trailer based on your needs. If you are just getting started, we can recommend an affordable plan to get your business going. Let our experience work for you.

We want to be your partner and trusted advisor when it comes to cleaning. We offer competitive pricing, and treat our customers with respect. Contact Hotsy of Minnesota today at 763-786-5525.